Tuesday, December 10, 2013

C'ville Sweets Holiday Gift Guide 2013

There are many products out there that have made my life so much easier as a baking enthusiast! I thought it would be fun to share some items that I really can't live without, and would make great gifts! I have linked to Amazon directly. Full disclosure: If you purchase these through that link then I get a measly percentage in gift cards to try out more fun stuff to share. thanks :)

1. This spatula edge cleans the bowl as it mixes, no breaks to scrape the sides. Keeps you from over-mixing the flour.  Once done, use it to scrape the bowl!
2. No more burnt crusts and no more cursing trying to adjust foil, that's silly.
3. This scoop helps you measure the perfect amount of cupcake batter and load your cups in ligthning speed!
4. Best way to make my mini chocolate cookies, mmm
5. The best tips for fancy cupcake icing.
6. The best bags for cupcake icing: holds your whole batch and you throw it away in the end. WOO
7. I love this thing for glossing my cakes or pie crusts. Throw it in the dishwasher.
8. Nothing makes you feel happier than rainbow non pareils!
9. I have 2 of these and LOVE THEM. You can place the cupcakes right in the tray to ice, then use the handles to lower into the container. Air tight too for freshness.
10. Nothing better than a thermometer you can clip to the edge of your bowl for the more delicate recipes.
11. This is on my wishlist. You could put it in the oven, microwave, straight to your mixer. And use it to measure. Brillant.
12. You have to own one of these if you want to ice a cake properly!
13. Again on my wishlist. Would sure make large custom orders much quicker.
14. Wishlist, her website is the best!
15. My wishlist.
16. My wishlist.

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