Monday, November 18, 2013

Genuine German Chocolate Black Forest Cake

AKA Schwarzwälder Kirsch Torte
(My husband would be able to say this correctly)

Let me tell you a little story. It is about my husband and his birthday. It happens to fall on January 9th. Every year, I survive working motherhood and create memorable hoidays for us. I get through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas planning, Christmas, and then New Years. Then, every year, right after New Years, my husband has a birthday. Two things always happen: I am out of breath and money. So every year he gets a lame birthday. Add onto that this year my horrible PPD (I'm a  survivor!) and I basically asked him to reschedule his birthday. We literally re-scheduled his birthday.

So come July, I was ready for action. I surprised him with an ipad and planned an evening at Veritas Winery with some friends to enjoy the stars, wine, live band, and dancing.

I asked him what kind of birthday cake he wanted and he said: "Schwarzwälder Kirsch Torte."
So I took this request pretty seriously because he has been to Germany and tasted genuine German cake. I hunted down some Kirsch from the sole ABC store in town that carried it, and paid $55 for the bottle too. Then I headed over to Whole Foods to find the right cherries and chocolate. Then I grabbed all the other essentials at the Teeter. I almost made it completely dairy-free but my whipped frosting didn't quite come out as i had hoped. Alas. To the whipping cream I returned.

German Chocolate Black Forest Cake

Here is the thing about this recipe: It was foreign to me and took a few attempts. The cake is mainly egg-based, which really threw me for a loop. The cakes didn't rise quite like I was expecting either.

A late night and lots of cursing later, I had 3 cakes prepared and set for the morning.

Did I follow my instructor's complete directions to build a perfect birthday cake? No, I didn't have time for that. So the cake was a bit uneven but it was quite delicious. The husband was pleased. My culinary friend's dad was pleased. I was pleased. Mission accomplished.


If you feel so inclined to attempt the most expensive and time consuming cake I've done yet, recipe here.

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